5 Reasons Why A Weighted Blanket is the Perfect Gift for Christmas Day

We all love our sleep. Picture this, it’s a cold summer night and you are sleeping covered in a thin blanket that barely keeps the stinging cold at bay... sickening right?  A weighted blanket could be the solution. If you haven’t heard of them, weighted blankets have been with us for sometime but within the confines of the special needs community. With time, they have become mainstream and more than ever people are using them.

The reason for this mass acceptance is because more and more people have realized they are great in helping overcome typical sleep issues and anxieties. Since they work great for even grownups, here are six reasons why you should gift your dad a weighted blanket for Christmas.


Weighted Blankets Christmas Gifts



Helps Avert Insomnia and Anxiety Issues

We all know that dads are the busiest people in our lives. They work day in day out to support us. As a result, their aging body starts producing cortisol which is a stress-related hormone. This greatly contributes to insomnia and anxiety issues. This coming Christmas, why not gift them with a weighted blanket. It works magic in giving the body deep pressure touch which promotes relaxation.

Who wouldn’t want a relaxed dad during the Christmas period? He will have boosted energy to take you that dreaded Christmas walk on a snowy Christmas day.


Improved Sleep Sessions

As dads age, they tend to experience erratic sleep patterns. In fact, if they are honest and open to you, they may tell you that most of their nights are spent staring at nothing.

This is supported by a recent study conducted by the University of Toronto and Israel Deaconess Medical Center which shows that the ventrolateral preoptic nucleus which is a neuron that regulates sleep patterns die as people age.

To help your dad have an extended sleep bout, a weighted blanket would be a great gift. This is because it has been shown to promote calmer sleep.  


Improves Focus

Not only are weighted blankest great for decreasing bed movements at night, they have also been shown to work great during the day. A study conducted on participants in this study showed an improved sitting pattern behavior as well as attention to details in tasks completion.

Once your old man uses a weighted blanket, be sure that their focus will experience a significant improvement.


Medication Free

Nothing turns off old people than medications. This is due to many factors like swallowing problems and feeling overly dependent on the pills. In fact, a recent study has suggested that approximately 55% of old people don’t comply with medical prescriptions for one reason or another.

With a weighted blanket, there are no medications involved whatsoever. This makes them worthy and viable options to mitigate some sleeplessness symptoms. However, if the problem is as a result of mental illness, it’s always good to visit a doctor.


Arouses The Release Of Feel-good Hormones

Dopamine and serotonin are the culprits behind feeling happy. Weighted blanked loyally work in providing the much needed deep pressure touch that consequently triggers the release of these hormones.

These hormones come in handy in countering stress, depression, and anxiety. Essentially, your old man’s Christmas season will be snuggle free once you surprise them with a “pick-me-up” solution in form of a weighted blanket.


Mimics A Hug

The health benefits of regular hugs are sufficiently documented. A weighted blanket has been shown to replicate similar feelings. Hugs and heavy blankets trigger the discharge of oxytocin. This hormone reduces blood pressure, slows down the heart rate, and promotes relaxation.


Factors to Consider While Buying a Weighted Blanket

Fabric Material

One of the main things to consider before buying a weighted blanket especially for old people is the material used. This is because most old people have sensory issues which may eventually break or make the experience.

The best material for a weighted blanket is soft cotton as it doesn't give the skin an itchy effect.


As a general rule of thumb, the blanket should weigh approximately 10% of the user’s weight, and an extra pound. This weight is greatly affected by the filling material inside. Some are filled with poly pellets and other with glass beads which greatly contribute to their heavy weight. Glass may sound harmful but the pellets are too small to break.

The only concern you should have is whether the blanket allows for even weight distribution. For this, you can check whether the blanket have stitched pockets which helps overcome weight distribution problem

Washing Method

The last but equally important factor to look out is whether it is machine washable or otherwise. Different blankets vary with different manufacturers and the material. Always establish whether it can be washed at home or it will have to be transported to a dry cleaner. The home-washed version is the best as it doesn't need to be transported often for dry-cleaning considering the weight. 

Final Remarks

Irrespective of the weighted blanket brand you choose, it will likely surprise your dad this Christmas on how quickly it works in soothing away their anxiety and calming their heart rate. There are millions of people using them to relieve stress. As a precautionary measure, you may want to purchase two of them in case your grand-dad chooses to arbitrarily sneak away with it.


About the Author:

Dan Chabert - Writing from Copenhagen, Denmark, Dan is an entrepreneur, husband and ultramarathon distance runner. He spends most of his time co-managing home sites like That Sweet Gift, Borncute, Contractorculture, health sites such as Runnerclick. He has also been featured on runner blogs all over the world.