Cool Weighted Blankets for Hot Weather

Where to buy cool weighted blankets that will keep you from getting too hot in the summer

While the benefits of weighted blankets have been well documented for adults and children suffering from anxiety, depression, insomnia, ADHD, and more - they can become too hot in the summer months or for anyone  who prefer a cool night’s sleep.. Yorkville Weighted Blankets are the first weighted blanket designed to keep you cool while still providing all of the sensory advantages of a thicker weighted blanket.. Yorkville Blankets are 100% cotton, made from a top light weight cotton sheeting and a soft brushed cotton that feels like flannel but will not trap heat.


Cool Weighted Blanket


Myth: All Weighted Blankets Are Too Hot to Use During the Summer

You should not need to sacrifice your comfort for pressure. If your weighted blanket is too hot you will only be able to take advantage of the benefits for part of the year or will find yourself kicking the blanket off during the night.  Yorkville Weighted Blankets are perfect for year-round use along with additional blankets for cold climates and used alone or with our lightweight duvet when it is warm.



Weighted Blanket Alternatives for the Summer

If you love the sensory input of weighted blankets buy find yourself getting too hot or kicking your blanket off during the summer or simply overheating there are alternatives to traditional weighted blankets that may help including 


Product Look Rating Link
“Weighted” Sheet Weighted Sheet Sensory Sheet
Best Sensory Sheets
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Snuggle Sack Snuggle Sack Image New
Best Sensory Sheets
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 100% Cotton Summer Weighted Blankets Weighted Blanket for Summer
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Weighted Stuffed Animals Weighted Stuffed Animal Not Sold by Yorkville
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What are my Options to Stay Cool? 

 1) Weighted Sheets (Snuggle Sheets) 

This is our custom-designed "Snuggle Sheet" or "Sensory Sheet" for the hot summer months when a blanket is just not an option. 

The Yorkville Snuggle Sheet is not actually a weighted sheet in that it is extremely lightweight, however, it is able to provide the sensory input of a weighted blanket while trapping even less heat.  Yorkville Snuggle Sheets work in the same way as a weighted blanket, using the tension of the spandex-hybrid fabric to create pressure rather than weight. Snuggle Sheets fit over the bottom of your bed and pull you down, wrapping around your body and providing the sensory input while retaining almost no heat.

The sheets are popular for those in warm areas, use during the summer, or by anybody suffering from restless leg syndrome by using it just on the bottom half of the mattress.  The Yorkville Snuggle Sheets are made for twin, full, and queen size mattresses.

 2) Sensory Sacks 

The Yorkville Snuggle Sack works in the same way as a weighted blanket and a Snuggle Sheet but provides a more fun and portable option for hot weather summer months. Snuggle Sacks provide a cocoon you can completely escape into while providing sensory pressure to help cope with anxiety, autism, or other disorders. They may look silly, but they work wonders and are fun to stretch, cuddle, and waddle around your home. Yorkville Snuggle Sacks are made in 4 sizes according to your height: Small, Medium, Large, and Tall.


3) Cotton Summer Weighted Blankets

Yorkville Summer Weighted Blankets are designed to be cool. They are the perfect weighted blanket for hot weather. They come in five weights: 5 lb, 10 lb, 14 lb, 18 lb, and 22 lb so they can be used by children and adults. Yorkville weighted blankets are comfy and provide weight without as much heat.


4) Weighted Stuffed Animals

Weighted Teddy Bears and Stuffed Animals such as Chonkers provide a much cheaper and cooler option to blankets as well. Since they are smaller the weight is more concentrated so less weight goes further. Like cuddling up with a pet or loved one the pressure on your lap, chest or wrapped up in your arms can provide similar effects without all of the trapped heat from a blanket.