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 Where to Buy Cheap Weighted Blankets

Yorkville Weighted Blankets are the most affordable blankets available but also committed to remaining the highest quality blanket on the market as well.  Our mission is to make sure anybody and everybody is able to afford a weighted blanket. If you have any trouble purchasing a weighted blanket please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team will do everything we can to help you find a blanket or alternative that is within your budget. We have second-hand blankets and defect blankets we often sell at a sleepily reduced sale price as well as other more affordable products such as snuggle sheets (weighted sheets) and snuggle sacks.  Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be more than happy to help you find a way to make a weighted blanket affordable for you, whether it is a second-hand blanket, defect blanket, Yorkville blanket, or another brand. 

How Yorkville Blanket Company is Making Weighted Blankets More Affordable

Yorkville Blanket Company is committed to making a more affordable weighted blanket. Although weighted blankets have been shown to help provide relief for anxiety, depression, ADHD, Restless Leg Syndrome, Autism, ASD, and other disorders the price can make weighted blankets unaffordable. Yorkville Blanket Company aims to decrease the cost of blankets, allowing anybody to afford a blanket that is not only cheap but also higher quality than any other blanket available. While our weighted blankets are cheap, they are made of the best materials available and built to last. The fabrics have been hand selected to be cool and cozy. 

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Weighted Blankets for Sale - Where to find cheap weighted blankets

Check out the Yorkville Blanket Shop to find the latest sales and clearance weighted blankets. We try to have our blankets on sale as much as possible while managing demand and trying to stay in stock. Email or chat with us today, we love to talk!

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Options for Finding Affordable Blankets

    1. Clearance Weighted Blankets - Track Yorkville Blankets clearance page. There are not always weighted blankets available on clearance but the page will be updated weekly as products become available. These are blankets that have been returned in new unused condition, packaging damage, or aesthetic stitching imperfections.
    2. Weighted Blanket SalesMake sure you track the weighted blanket promo codes, sales, and coupons page for upcoming sales and plan accordingly. (Hint: There are usually great deals in the summer and around major U.S. holidays ;) ) 
    3. Weighted Blanket Promo Codes - Again, make sure you track the weighted blanket promo codes, sales, and coupons page for new codes as they become available in the future.
    4. Weighted Blanket Alternatives - Not sure if a weighted blanket is right for you? Sensory therapy is not for everybody. You can try out a few lower cost options before making the purchase of a weighted blanket such as:
      1. "Weighted" Sheets"
      2. "Sensory Snuggle Sacks"
      3. Do-it-yourself weighted blankets (with or without sewing!)