How to make a weighted blanket

Weighted Blankey DIY (EASY!)

Making a weighted blanket in a great alternative to buying a from a store or manufacturer if you have the time and ability to do so. You can completely customize everything about your blanket choosing the perfect options for you. Some things you might need:

  • Plastic Pellets
  • Fabric for the top of the blanket
  • Fabric for the bottom of the blanket
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine


Select a material

Select material to be used for the front and the back of the blanket. You can use different materials for each side to create a unique style and feel.


Decide on a size

Determine the size of blanket you will need and measure the fabric appropriately. You can measure out the two sides of the blanket. See the table below for common sizes for twin, full, queen, and king size beds. You can also make smaller for smaller children.



Decide on a weight

The weight of the blanket is extremely important as you do not want it to be too heavy to the point where it is uncomfortable or too light where it is not doing its job. Generally about 10% of the users weight is appropriate:

Person Weight Blanket Weight
100 lbs 12 lbs
105 lbs 12 lbs
110 lbs 13 lbs
115 lbs 13 lbs
120 lbs 15 lbs
125 lbs 15 lbs
130 lbs 16 lbs
135 lbs 16 lbs
140 lbs 16 lbs
145 lbs 16 lbs
150 lbs 16 lbs
160 lbs 18 lbs
165 lbs 18 lbs
170 lbs 18 lbs
175 lbs 19 lbs
180 lbs 20 lbs
185 lbs 20 lbs
190 lbs 20 lbs
195 lbs 20 lbs
200 lbs 21 lbs
210 lbs 22 lbs
220 lbs 22 lbs
230 lbs 23 lbs


Getting Started

Place the fabrics of the front and the back together. Measure a few inches along the sides where you can put the pellets, leaving one side open. Sew on the lines, then flip the blanket inside out

Measure out a grid for the where the pellets will go based on the size blanket so all squares are even. Sew to make even pockets where pellets will go.


Weighing out the Pellets

Weigh out the number of pellets needed. so the weight is evenly distributed and ends up at the desired weight for your blanket. If there are 12 pockets it should be the total weight divided by 12 that will go into each pocket. Once all of the pockets are sewn pour the weight of pellets into each pocket.



Sew the blanket shut and you will now have your own homemade weighted blanket to enjoy!