Weighted Blankets for Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety Weighted Blankets


How Weighted Blankets Can Help Deal with Anxiety

There are a number of ways professionals have sought to address the needs of those facing intense anxiety. Medication is a popular, though not always healthy, option as it addresses the problem from a chemical standpoint and takes relatively little time each day for treatment. The problem with this approach, though, is it does not directly address what is causing the anxiety and how that level of anxiety can be remedied in the way it can be managed with a weighted blanket or similar sensory product. While a person may not always be able to rid person life of stressors that cause anxiety, behavioral training or other non-prescription forms of treatment and therapy can assist an individual in learning skills to reduce intense anxiety to a more manageable state.

Deep touch pressure therapy is a treatment type rapidly gaining attention alongside things like yoga, meditation, and mindfulness practices. This kind of massage or therapy affords the recipient a sense of calm and relaxes tension that otherwise might go unaddressed with other forms of treatment. Using a licensed massage therapist on a regular basis, though, can become costly and unaffordable for many. As an alternative, a weighted blanket can be useful for creating a sense of calm and relaxation. Weighted blankets can afford some relief from anxiety to adults and children alike. When used in conjunction with other non-prescription treatments such as deep diaphragm breathing and meditation or prayer, many individuals will likely begin to see reduced anxiety overall with regular use of a weighted blanket.


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About Anxiety and Why It Should Be Treated


Anxiety is a complicated experience to describe. For many, it is thought that anxiety is something “bad” or “wrong” to experience. In reality, though, it is quite the opposite; anxiety is a necessary part of functioning. Anxiety is what drives a person’s fight or flight response system; it is the mechanism by which humans can sense and respond to potentially harmful situations.

The difficult part of anxiety in modern society, though, is humans almost always live in a state of high alert. Electronic devices, high-intensity jobs, and busy family lives contribute to what would normally require a fight or flight response. Instead of being occasional, this kind of anxiety is routine and normal for everyday living. Anxiety, itself, is a symptom of what can lead to greater problems if unaddressed, and unfortunately it is growing into a larger problem with each passing year.

When symptoms begin to interfere with various aspects of life (school, work, home, social activities, etc.), it is necessary to directly address anxiety as soon as possible. Without addressing it, the problem can become worse and develop into an anxiety disorder; these disorders can includes ones such as Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, and Social Anxiety Disorder.


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