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Weighted Blankets for Bipolar Disorder

Weighted Blankets for Bipolar Disorder

Yorkville Weighted Blankets are designed to provide calming pressure across your body, which can aid in coping with bipolar disorder. The blanket is made to be comfy and cool, while the evenly distributed weight of the blankets acts a form of sensory therapy similar to being hugged or held. This pressure has been shown to increase serotonin and melatonin levels relaxing your body and muscles.

While weighted blankets are of course not a cure or replacement for any treatment of bipolar disorder, Yorkville Blankets have been shown have benefits in calming the body and mind that can allow a restful night’s sleep and alleviate some of the tension that can go along with bipolar. Yorkville Blankets are available in a variety of sizes so please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions. If a weighted blanket makes sense for you or a loved one – we would love to help.


About Bipolar Disorder

Typically identified as a laundry list of manic-depressive symptoms that rapidly shift from one extreme to the other, the true picture of this disorder is clouded with misconception and misrepresentation. Those who suffer from bipolar disorder often struggle with maintaining normal functioning sleep, nutrition, and adherence to personal responsibilities and scheduling are just a few areas that are likely to be affected by presenting symptoms.


About bipolar disorder


This disorder is divided into two distinct subtypes. As part of a class of mental illnesses known as mood disorders, bipolar disorder is defined as a disruption in daily functioning and ability to perform tasks due to a set of symptoms ranging from manic (or excitable) in nature to depressive. Bipolar I is a diagnosis given to those who suffer from either only periods of extreme mania or from both depressive and manic symptoms. Bipolar II is one in which a person may experience periods of depressive symptoms mixed with hypomania (excitable but not necessarily in an extreme form). In addition, many people regularly suffer from symptoms not severe or consistent enough to be diagnosed with either of these subtypes.

Weighted Blankets for Bipolar Disorder

A number of treatment options exist including medication and psychotherapy. Studies indicate that an individual is more likely to improve if two or more treatment types are introduced. The use of more natural remedies is rapidly gaining popularity, especially for symptoms that are manageable but continue to affect daily functioning.

The use of weight as a therapeutic technique has been identified as a treatment option with relatively low risk and is typically lower in cost than other options. Clinically referred to as deep-touch therapy, the use of items like weighted blankets provides the user with a sensation similar to how one would feel being wrapped in a blanket or hugged tightly. This deep pressure can be used to promote a sense of security and calmness, particularly if it is applied to certain pressure points. Studies indicate the brain responds to two forms of touch in different ways. Light touch alerts the central nervous system (like the tickle of a feather) whereas deep, or pressured, touch calms and relaxes. Gently-applied, deep pressure encourages the body’s production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter, which in turn elevates a person’s mood. Studies have shown a connection between levels of this neurotransmitter and presence and severity of disordered mood symptoms.


Weighted blankets for bipolar disorder


The serotonin developed through the application of deep-touch therapy is converted by the body into melatonin prompting tiredness and sleep in a natural pattern. In other words, this deep pressure promotes the brain and body to work together to function on a self-regulated sleep cycle.

Is a weighted blanket right for your Bipolar Disorder?

While the use of weighted blankets as a form of treatment for bipolar would seem to offer a neutral, chemical-free option for those suffering from symptoms, their use has been shown to provide more assistance when coupled with additional supports such as medication and cognitive-behavioral therapy. Due to the nature of the disorder in its various forms, the use of deep pressure therapy may be most appropriate and effective as a sleep aide. Improvement in quality of sleep can prompt better adherence to other forms of treatment and increase the overall likelihood of symptom management.

Where to buy weighted blankets for Bipolar Disorder

Weighted blankets for Bipolar Disorder are currently for sale on Yorkville Blankets. Yorkville blankets are a premium quality blanket brand that are affordable enough to try out if you are buying your first weighted blanket but are high quality and made to last. Yorkville Weighted Blankets provide sensory input without too much heat so you can get a good night sleep without tossing and turning or overheating. 

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