Weighted Blankets for Cerebral Palsy

How Weighted Blankets Can Help Live and Sleep with Cerebral Palsy

A combination of medication, physical therapy, and general pain can significantly reduce an individual’s quality of sleep. Those suffering from symptoms of CP could potentially benefit from the use of a weighted blanket for assistance with pain relief and improved sleep quality. Weighted blankets use the concept of deep pressure touch simulation to improve the body’s ability to rest and relax. The deep massage-like sensation can increase the production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that improves mood, which is then converted into melatonin. The increase in melatonin coupled with the relief from pain that a weighted blanket may provide, can offer a sufferer of CP more restful sleep. The warm “hug” of a weighted blanket can do wonders for both mood and daily motor functioning for someone experiencing the side effects of Cerebral Palsy.

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About Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy, commonly referred to as CP, is a physical condition that affects fine motor skills, gross motor skills, and oral motor functioning of an individual. In other words, it is a condition that can cause a number of difficulties in movement, speech, and physical abilities. While Cerebral Palsy is often simple to identify, the causes for CP are not widely discussed. This disorder is one that develops in the brain, either by way of trauma or as a growth abnormality, and significantly impacts the areas of brain function that command muscle movement and motor skills. Every case of CP will present differently, though many will exhibit some sort of outward physical impairment. The type and location of the dysfunction, however, varies significantly. There is no way to determine for sure what areas of the body or types of physical limitations will occur.


Why Weighted Blankets?

Because of the uniqueness of this disorder, it can be challenging to engage in treatment outside of those options that exist to manage symptoms. Weighted Blankets help manage some of the pain and side-effects in a natural, inexpensive way. Cerebral Palsy is permanent and incurable, but rarely will it become progressively worse. Typically, those with CP will experience varying physical limitations but will not experience degeneration of the brain in other areas. This means that things such as language and reading comprehension, critical thinking skills, and sensitivity to pain do not go away.

Several treatment options exist for Cerebral Palsy, though again, they are limited to those treatments that target symptoms rather than the root of the problem. The use of speech, occupational, physical, and behavioral therapists will likely be beneficial in addition to having a team that includes a physician, neurologist, and/or surgeon (should surgery be a medical necessity). Often medications are prescribed to reduce symptoms such as seizures, spasticity (involuntary muscle contraction), and acid reflux, all common problems for those with CP. The at-home treatments are limited to physical therapy exercises to improve mobility, strength, posture, balance, and flexibility.


Where to Buy Weighted Blankets for Cerebral Palsy

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