Weighted Blankets for Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain Blankets


Weighted Blankets have become a popular therapy aid for adults suffering from chronic pain. As anybody with chronic pain or with a loved one with chronic pain assuredly know, it can be truly debilitating and impact all facets of your life. Weighted blankets are an affordable and easily available option to help cope with some of the symptoms.

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About Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is described as pain that lasts more than several months, certainly any pain that exists beyond the expected healing time from an injury or illness. It can present in a number of ways, either with an official diagnosis or simply long-term pain. It is estimated that nearly twelve percent of the U.S. adult population experience chronic pain lasting longer than three months, and almost eighteen percent of the population describe their pain as been severe. Those reporting severe pain see consequences in other areas of life including general health, increased use of medical care, and increased risk of disability status.


Treatments for Chronic Pain

There are certainly a number of treatment types for chronic pain. These can range from medical in nature to more natural, preventative type treatments. Options include, but are not limited to, one or more medications as part of a regular regimen, multiple vitamin or mineral supplements, and physical activity or relaxation techniques.

Research on more natural treatment types for chronic pain is ongoing, as often it is neurological in nature rather than actually being caused by injury or another physical ailment. Evidence exists to support the use of exercise that includes yoga, tai chi, or other stretching regimens. Additionally, other self-care strategies such as mindfulness, progressive muscle relaxation, gratefulness journaling, and deep breathing exercises. The positive results coming from these types of strategies further support the idea that much chronic pain stems from the brain. The idea exists that as brain health improves, overall pain decreases.


Weighted Blankets for Chronic Pain

A few other non-medical treatment types exist including hypnosis and the use of cannabinoids, but both of these continue to undergo scrupulous research. One strategy that has seen consistent results is that of deep pressure therapy as a technique. Someone suffering from chronic pain may see benefits from this type of therapy by the use of specialty massage, but this can become moderately costly. A cost-efficient alternative could be the use of weighted blankets. These therapeutic, poly-bead filled quilts are gaining popularity among those suffering from chronic pain and mood disorders. Studies indicate they assist with increasing the production of serotonin and, in turn, melatonin, promoting restful sleep and improved mood overall. While weighted blankets may not be beneficial for everyone with chronic pain, the low cost and relatively low risks associated with the practice make it an option that is certainly worth trying.


Where to Buy Weighted Blankets for Chronic Pain


You can find weighted blankets that have been strongly recommended  for patients with Chronic Pain at  yorkvilleblankets.com/shop-weighted-blankets. We love to talk weighted blankets so please reach out to us, we are more than happy to chat and share our experiences with chronic pain and more. We are always looking to improve our blankets and make them as accessible as possible.

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