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Weighted Blankets for Down Syndrome

Weighted Blankets for Down Syndrome

Weighted Blanket Down Syndrome


About Down Syndrome and Sensory Blankets

Down syndrome is a chromosomal disorder that leads to both cognitive and physical impairments during the life course. Those with Down syndrome are often smaller in stature, are at risk for more medical issues than a typical individual, and have mild to moderate developmental disabilities. This syndrome, though challenging for the individual, is a condition that does not necessarily impact the person’s ability to enjoy life and take part in normal activities. There are some theories as to why Down’s occurs, but many of these theories are based primarily on research that looks at common risk factors such as the age of the mother at conception.

While physical differences and disability can inhibit a person with Down’s from fully engaging in daily activities, behavioral challenges are more likely than physical differences to cause social disruption. Due to the delayed progression of development for those with Down’s, often much more is expected of a child with Down’s than he or she is yet capable of developmentally. Behaviors that would be atypical for a person based on age are more likely to be present for extended periods of time for those with Down syndrome.

Weighted Blankets for Down Syndrome

Sleep disturbances and imbalanced sleeping patterns are, more often than not, present long term in the life of a person with Down’s syndrome. There is no single explanation for this as one would have to take into consideration a number of factors including schedule, family life, and physical ailments to name a few. There are a few different ways to combat the effects that irregular sleep patterns can have by addressing the patterns directly. It is important as a caregiver to assist an individual with Down’s in establishing a regular sleep schedule. Finding a good, cool temperature, comfortable bedding, and establishing a regular bedtime are all good ways to improve sleep consistency and quality.

Additionally, to avoid the regular use of medicinal sleep aids for promoting healthy sleep, the use of weighted blankets is becoming a popular treatment type for those with Down syndrome. The use of the blanket provides the person with a hug-like sensation, and the weight of the blanket is likely to promote a sense of security and safeness. Weighted blankets use the idea of deep touch pressure therapy to encourage the body’s natural and chemical adaptation to a healthy sleep pattern and can improve sleep quality tremendously. While this is not necessarily the only option for improving sleep quality for those with Down syndrome, it is one of the more cost-effective and comes with low risk despite the additional health concerns someone with Down’s may be experiencing such as sleep apnea, thyroid dysfunction, or cardiac issues.


Where to Buy Weighted Blankets for Down Syndrome

The most important things when shopping for a weighted blanket for a loved one with down syndrome is that it is durable, washable, and breathable so it can hold up to heavy use while being used all year. Yorkville Blankets are one of the most popular weighted blankets for children and adults with down syndrome. Yorkville Blankets can be found at Feel free to send us a note if you have any questions, we would love to chat!


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