Weighted Blankets for Managing the Symptoms of Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy Blankets


So I am starting Chemotherapy, why do I want a weighted blanket?

Many alternative treatment options are being considered for those suffering from pain or hardship as a result of cancer. Mega doses of vitamins and alternative medicine practices are on the rise, especially for terminal cancers for which chemotherapy may not be helpful. Overwhelming pain and the emotional toll that comes with pain can make it difficult for someone to overcome sleep disturbances and emotional imbalances. Weighted blankets, though posing some physical risks depending on the progression of cancer and chemotherapy treatment, may be an option for addressing sleep and mood disturbances. The use of weighted blankets has been associated with the increase of serotonin and melatonin in the brain; the presence of these chemicals in normal amounts indicates a healthy level of uplifted mood and the ability to sleep soundly in a normal circadian rhythm. A weighted blanket may not be the most appropriate form of treatment for everyone undergoing chemotherapy treatment, but it is certainly a cost-effective and low-risk option to try if one is suffering from symptoms of depression, anxiety, or sleep disorder as a result of the chemical treatment process.

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About Chemotherapy and Weighted Blankets

Chemotherapy is, unfortunately, a word with which many adults in the United States are familiar. For the most part, chemotherapy is a treatment that is associated with cancer and is identified as a treatment that induces nausea and causes hair loss among other side effects. But what does chemotherapy actually do and what kinds of conditions are treated by this controversial method?

Chemotherapy is a term used to describe a combination of anti-cancer drugs used to combat cancer growth and work to destroy existing cancer cells. This kind of treatment can be used before, during, or after other options such as surgery or radiation. It can be given to a patient through a number of different methods including pill, oral liquid, shot form, or intravenously. There are also a few types that can be put directly into the affected area or rubbed on the skin. The schedule of treatment sessions can be as readily as one per day or as infrequent as once per month. It is provided in rounds with resting periods between to ensure the patient is able to regain strength and reestablish equilibrium before another round of doses is completed.

While weighted blankets will not alleviate pain directly it can help cope with many of the side effects. The use of chemotherapy as a treatment for cancer certainly comes with a number of risks and side effects. One of these side effects is emotional changes. The process of cancer treatment itself is likely to be stressful and overwhelming for an individual. While the chemicals themselves might have a slight impact on the emotional wellness of the person, it is the time away from family, the altered routine, or the difficulty of dealing with cancer in general that is more likely to be damaging to mental health. There are a variety of ways to combat this, but some of these, like medication or moderate exercise, may not be an option for those receiving treatment. Additionally, sleep disturbances due to pain or imbalanced hormones can cause additional stress.


Where to Buy Weighted Blankets for Chemotherapy and Cancer


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