Weighted Blankets on Etsy

Buy Weighted Blankets on Etsy

Etsy is an online marketplace for handmade goods and has an excellent selection of weighted blankets to choose from. The beauty of Etsy is the variety. Since the products are all handmade it is a great place to find a custom blanket handmade to your personal specifications. Our store on Etsy features our 3 most popular sizes, but if you need a very particular size or weight there are many options to browse.

Etsy provides a very easy to use interface to search for exactly what you want from a blanket. Etsy also provides a secure and reliable payment system to assure that your order and shipment will be safe.  You can buy blankets on Etsy in a range of materials, sizes, shapes, and weights, you can also contact sellers and shops with any questions that you have to find a blanket that fits your needs.


Yorkville Weighted Blankets For Sale on Etsy

Yorkville Blankets are officially for sale on Etsy. You can check out our blankets by following this link. We are a small company that has designed a weighted blankets to accommodate everybody's needs. Our blankets are made of 100% cotton so they are cool and breathable even thought hot summer nights. We use an attractive cotton chambray on the top of the blanket and a soft cotton flannel on the bottom.  Our blankets are handmade and our mentality is to create a product that is perfect for anybody and everybody who needs one. Etsy is a great marketplace to buy handmade goods and if you do not think our blanket will work for you there are many other options to choose from. If you do choose to buy one of our blankets on Etsy, try using the promocode etsy10 for an exclusive discount when you buy today.

If you have any questions about weighted blankets, yorkville weighted blankets, or purchasing on etsy feel free to contact us here and we will be happy to help!