Creature Commforts Weighted Blanket Review

Handmade in colorado. This blanket has a removable cover made of very soft minke fabric. One side is blue with dimples, for tactile sensory input, while the other is smooth. The blanket is washable - the cover is made of 100% polyester and is machine washable and dryable. There are not many options for size, weight, and design, but the product is high quality and unique in fabric and design.

This is one of the most attractive and comfortable weighted blankets for kids. The cover over the blanket makes it easily machine washable without any damage to the blanket itself. The dimpled side is extremely soft and great for tactile sensory input combined with the weight the blanket is great for anti-anxiety, autism, as well as other skin sensory disorders for children to feel secure and comfortable. Unfortunately, due to the limited options in size, weight, and fabric this is not the ideal weighted blanket for adults.

Overall this is one of our favorite blankets for children for the price!