Sommerfly Weighted Blanket Review

Sommerfly offers a very high quality blanket designed to incorporate deep pressure touch to create the same sensation as a loving touch, or a hug that makes you feel relaxed and calm. This is one of our preferred blankets although it is a bit more expensive. It is a very nice option below the Lifetime Sensory Solutions blanket in terms of comfort and price.

The Sommerfly SleepTight weighted blanket differentiates their blanket with a curved cutout slot at the head allowing the blanket to wrap around the shoulders comfortably. 100% cotton but allow for custom fabrics if needed. The weighted blanket is designed to fit and stay on the body while you sleep. Sommerfly's blanket is suitable for anyone weighing more than approximately 20 pounds so is great for children but is also a great weighted blanket for adults available up to 25 lbs.

The curved neck cut out keeps the Sleep TightTM blanket from bunching around the face for a safe and comfortable sleep experience. All of this makes it a great blanket for individuals with sleeping disorders or on the autism spectrum. Made in the USA with 100% high quality soft cotton that is double stitched for strength and maximum durability.