Black Friday 2019 Weighted Blanket Sale

Black Friday Weighted Blanket Sale Promo Codes

It is the time everybody has been waiting for the 2019 Yorkville Blankets Black Friday Sale, where for 1 day only all Blankets, Sacks, and Sheets are 50% Off. 


Black Friday Promo Code:  BLACK2019BLANKET


Black Friday Sale Details

The Weighted Blanket Black Friday Sale is actually made up of 2 different sales only available to a small number of guests:

      1. Black Friday Sale: 50% Off Full Order  
      2. Cyber Monday Sale: 45% Off Full Order 

Note each Sale has a limited quantity of orders available, we will update all guests once codes have been used up and are no longer available. A promo code will be sent out a couple of days prior to the Black Friday Sale to all customers on our mailing list and will be posted on the site. 

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2019 Exclusions

Exclusions apply for certain products:

  • Order must be placed on 
  • Cannot be used on clearance products
  • Can only be used once per guest
  • Maximum $500 Purchase after discount per Guest


  • Looking for Black Friday special on weighted blankets

    Priscilla Conner
  • I just watched Sharon Begnon’s u-tube video and I understand you have a 50%
    off sale today. Could I get a promo code, please.

    Thia Keith

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