Full Weighted Blanket

Full Size Weighted Comforters For Sale Online

Full Weighted ComforterYorkville Full Weighted Blankets are made like standard comforters with basic colors, light fabrics, and added weighted.  These comforters are Full-sized so it can be used with any duvet that you already own and will cover your whole bed, but priced cheaper than the smaller throws!  See Full Weighted Blankets available for sale >>


Length 76"
Width 90"
Weight 15 lbs
Material 100% Cotton
Filling Glass Beads

What is different about Full Weighted Blankets different from the typical weighted blanket?

The main difference is size, Yorkville Full Weighted Blanket is made to be the most common size of full comforters so you can easily swap it out and use the same duvet cover.   It is large enough to cover your entire bed with or without a partner. If you want  more weight on you fold it over to double the pressure. If you want to share the love, the comforter is large enough for two!   See for yourself: 


Standard Blanket

Standard Weighted Comforter vs Blanket Comparison


Full Blanket

Full Weighted Blanket Comparison


Where to Full Sized Weighted Blankets?

Although hard to find due to the difficulty in making such large and heavy blankets. We now have Full sized weighted blankets available for sale here.  If they are sold out do not hesitate to join our waiting list! We promise to honor any sale and coupons from the date you join!