Queen Weighted Blanket

Buying Queen Size Weighted Comforters Online

As weighted blankets have grown in popularity more people are looking for weighted blankets that can be used all night, even by multiple people. Yorkville Queen Weighted Blankets are made like standard comforters with basic colors, light fabrics, and added weighted.  These comforters come in the standard sizes included Queen-sized so it can be used with any duvet that you already own and will cover your whole bed. Shop Queen Weighted Blankets available here >>

Queen Weighted Blanket and Comforters

How are the Queen Weighted Comforters different from the typical weighted blanket?

The standard Yorkville throw blanket is made with a focus on being comfy and attractive as well as covering a single person, but the queen weighted blanket is designed to be large enough to cover your entire bed with the intention of using a duvet it just uses all white downproof cotton made to hold up to heavy use and be used with a duvet cover.  Although it does not have the recognizable Yorkville Blanket look, the quality and benefits will be exactly what you would expect from a Yorkville Blanket. 



Where to Buy Queen Sized Weighted Blankets Online?

Although hard to find due to the difficulty in making such large and heavy blankets. We now have Queen sized weighted blankets available for sale here.  These usually sell very quickly but  if they are sold out we always make sure to keep a waiting list so it is first come, first serve and promise to honor any sale or coupon you may have when you join the waiting list. 


Dimensions of Weighted Queen Comforter?

Although there is no "standard" size since comforters come in such different styles. We used the most popular sized Queen comforter:

Length 94"
Width 90"
Weight 20 lbs
Material 100% Cotton
Filling Glass Beads