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Clearance Weighted Comforter
Clearance Weighted Comforter
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Clearance Weighted Comforter

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These are Oversized comforters. Unlike other options, these  will be  similar to the comfoter you  are using today!

Compare sizes: 

  • Twin Weighted Blanket (66x90") - 12 lbs
  • Full Weighted Blanket (76x90") - 15 lbs
  • Queen/King Weighted Blanket (90x94") - 20 lbs


    Why are these comforters on clearance?

    As the warmer months roll in,  we have a small collection of overstock blankets available for sale. These may have minor packaging defects or thread defects that will not impact the overall construction of the blanket and should be relatively unnoticeable.  In the interest of maintaining our high standard of construction these have been allocated for clearance. To make room for new inventory and in order to further our mission of making weighted blankets more accessible to everybody we have chosen to offer these blankets at a significant discount. 

    Our clearance blankets are a great opportunity for anybody who wants to try out a weighted blanket at an affordable price or is looking to find a high quality blanket without paying as much.


    Why are these blankets on clearance?

    The comforters can be used as a normal weighted blanket or for nightly use with a standard duvet cover of your choice. Yorkville weighted comforters are 100% down-proof cotton, designed to be lightweight, simple, attractive and durable. Made for every night use our comforters we engineered to provide all of the benefits of our blankets in standard comforter bedding sizes with an understated, yet classic design.


    Benefits of Weighted Comforters

    Weighted blankets work by providing additional pressure to your body throughout the night, "grounding" you as you sleep. This additional sensory input is shown to help reduce nighttime levels of cortisol which can help reduce night anxiety and give a sense of security.

    The weighted comforters are perfect for those with anxiety that like the pressure and security without the overbearing weight making them great for every night use. 


    Machine Washable Weighted Comforter

    Although we recommend using a duvet cover like any standard comforter these can be washed on a light cool cycle and aired to dry. We do not currently sell covers for comforter size blankets but the Twin, Full, and Queen options are all standard sizes with basic colors, light fabrics, and added weighted so it can be used with any duvet that you already own or want to purchase.