Clearance Weighted Blanket Cover
Clearance Weighted Blanket Cover
Clearance Weighted Blanket Cover
Clearance Weighted Blanket Cover

Clearance Weighted Blanket Cover

Yorkville Blanket Company

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THIS IS THE COVER FOR THE YORKVILLE BLANKET, BLANKET SOLD SEPARATELY.  This is not for use with comforter and does not include a blanket.


While Yorkville Blankets are machine washable, anybody who has attempted to wash a large comforter or 20 pound blanket can attest that having a cover makes your life a lot easier. Due to the weight, weighted blankets are not ideal for most non-industrial washing machines. The less washing done, the longer and softer your blanket will stay!  Washing your blanket is now even easier with this extra-soft, silky-smooth cover for your weighted blanket.

  • Official Cover for Yorkville Weighted Blanket (not for use with comforter)
  • 100% High Quality Silky Cotton
  • Easily Washable
  • No clips or ties, easy to slip onto blanket

 Blanket  Dimensions
Small (for 5 lb blanket)
Medium (for 10 lb blanket)
Large (for 14 lb blanket)
42"x 66"
X-Large (for 18 AND 22 lb blanket)
50"x 72"


Why Yorkville?

Yorkville Blankets have been designed with care to simulate the security and calming effects of a great hug! Yorkville Blanket Company has made it our mission to create the most affordable and comfortable weighted blanket on the planet so nobody is denied the therapeutic benefits our blankets provide.

Yorkville Blanket Covers make washing and caring for your blanket even easier. The slip-on duvet cover is easy to put on and take off, allowing for you to cover for frequent use but still remove if displaying the blanket. The weight of the blankets are often too heavy for non-industrial washing machines and less washing will make your blanket stay softer longer!