Moonbow Weighted Blanket

Moonbow Weighted Blanket

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Product Specifications

  • Blanket Fabric: Bamboo + Polyester
  • Weighted Filling: Glass Micro-Beads
  • Cover Included: Yes
  • Covers Available: N/A
  • Free Shipping: Yes


After a full day, get a long, deep hug with our soft, double-sided, weighted blanket made for all seasons! Simply use the:
Bamboo cooling side of the blanket for warm nights (summer)
Polyester side of the blanket for cooler nights (fall/spring)
Included micro-plush duvet cover for cold nights (winter)
Gridded double stitching keeps the blanket’s glass micro-beads evenly distributed across your body, creating “deep touch pressure simulation” to increase serotonin and melatonin, decrease cortisol, and hug you all night long. Behold, the power of drug-free, insanely comfy, intense relaxation.