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YBCo. Premium Weighted Comforter

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Introducing the extraordinary and exclusive, YBCo. Weighted Comforters! Immerse yourself in a world of unrivaled comfort, sheer elegance, and unbeatable endurance with our 100% down-proof cotton marvels. Crafted to be your nightly sanctuary, these comforters embody all the remarkable qualities of our renowned blankets, all wrapped in a design that exudes timeless charm. Whether you choose to enjoy them as a standard weighted blanket or infuse them with your personal style using a duvet cover of your choice, the possibilities are endless!

Prepare to unlock the secret solutions of weighted comforters, where each gentle touch throughout the night envelops you in a soothing cocoon of tranquility and stability. This ingenious sensory embrace has been scientifically proven to whisk away nighttime cortisol levels, paving the way for reduced anxiety and a profound sense of security.

Indulge in the epitome of comfort, tailor-made for anxiety sufferers who crave that perfect balance of solace and reassurance. Say goodbye to overwhelming weight and immerse yourself in a world where every night is a flawless symphony of serenity. Embrace the extraordinary and surrender to the allure of YBCo. Weighted Comforters. Your journey to ultimate bliss starts here!


Although we recommend using a duvet cover like any standard comforter these can be washed on a light cool cycle and aired to dry. We do not currently sell covers for comforter size blankets. YET...

    Size Chart

    Weight XS
    ME (you) XS
    duvet Size XS
    Weight7 LBS 10 LBS 14 LBS 20 LBS 30 LBS
    ME (you)35-85 LBS 70-130 LBS 120-170 LBS 160-200 LBS 190 LBS AND UP
    duvet Size4' TO 5' 5' TO 5'6 5'6 TO 6'0 6'0 AND UP

    * Sizes are American and expressed in pounds (LBS)

    • high Quality Materials
    • no excess heat
    • no bunching weight