We offer weighted blanket reviews of the best and most affordable blankets on the market today, comparing them on the most important factors and overall quality so you can make sure you are choosing the perfect blanket whether for children or adults, recommended by a doctor or you are just looking for a good night sleep. Find the best weighted blanket here.

CompanyMin PriceMax PriceRating
Yorkville Blankets$65$1205
Mosaic Weighted Blankets$90$2404.5
Covered In Comfort$127$2222.5
Lifetime Sensory Solutions$99$3803.5
Creature Commforts$79$1494
Create Your Own$20AnyAny


What are weighted blankets?

Weighted blankets can be an extremely helpful as a tool to calm and comfort whether trying to get a good night sleep or simply to relax your body. Weighted blankets have become very popular for autism, anxiety, PTSD, insomnia, and other disorders, however, have proven effective for relaxation for everyday use as well. The pressure provided mimics receiving a hug providing sensory input across your entire body. Although it can be difficult to find stores that carry weighted blankets there numerous online options for you to choose from. Weighted Blankets come in a wide variety of sizes, weights, materials, shapes, and prices.


Yorkville Blanket Company

Yorkville Weighted Blankets offer a very comfortable and quality blanket and a very attractive. Yorkville Blankets come in 3 sizes ranging from 5 pounds to 18 pounds. The style and size are not customizable but is possibly the best option for quality and price.



Mosaic Weighted Blankets offers a very wide variety of products. Customers can completely customize their blanket based on prints, sizes, and weights. Blankets are of good quality and allow a variety of designs with many great child designs to choose from. All blankets are all made of cotton with 100% non toxic commercial grade poly pellets.



Sensacalm makes very high quality and affordable weighted blankets that are customizable to size, print, and fabric. Very wide variet of prints for children and adults. Blankets are made of cotton with hypallergenic and non toxic pellets and filled with Poly-fil so can easily be machine washed. Sensacalm allows trade-ins and garuntees to replair any manufacturer defects.



InYard has a limited selection of prints and does not have the customization of other brands but provides very high professional quality with their made in the USA blankets. Made of flannel with options for cotton or microfleece on the reverse side –  the blanket must be handwashed  but is very soft and comfortable for the price point.



Sommerfly differentiates their blanket with a curved cutout slot at the head allowing the blanket to wrap around the shoulders comfortably. 100% cotton but allow for custom fabrics if needed.


Covered in Comfort

Covered in Comfort creates a range of sensory products including weighted stuffed animals along with their line of weighted blankets. They have some unique blankets like a Turtle shaped option and like many companies can be made to order but do not deliver the best quality among competitors at the price they are selling.


Creature Commforts

Handmade in colorado. This blanket has a removable cover made of very soft minke fabric. One side is blue with dimples, for tactile sensory input, while the other is smooth. The blanket is washable – the cover is made of 100% polyester and is machine washable and dryable. There are not many options for size, weight, and design, but the product is high quality and unique in fabric and design.


Lifetime Sensory Solutions

Lifetime Sensory Solutions offers the highest quality and most appealing adult weighted blankets among competitors but it comes at a price for the top of the line. The blankets have the option to be in cotton sateen and come in very neutral aesthetic options for their larger sizes. Cartoon patterns are available for child sizes.