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Welcome to Yorkville Blanket Co, here we offer the finest selection of high-quality, luxurious blankets. Our blankets are made with attention to detail and crafted with the finest materials to ensure long-lasting comfort and warmth.

Here's What our customers are saying...

I read about Yorkville Blankets online, but wasn't a believer until I bought one for my son who has Autism and has had issues sleeping. He absolutely loves it and so do I 

Jack Ciucci

One night with this and I could feel the stress melt away. This blanket has worked wonders for my anxiety. I have not spent a night without it since it arrived!

Melissa Simms

Love It! I got this for my boyfriend, who has PTSD as a combat vet. He can contest to have slept better last night than he has in a long time, and didn’t twitch at all, which really helped me! I’ll be ordering another for myself once they’re back in stock.

Trina Brennen

I love weighted blankets and have owned 5 different ones. This has been by far my favorite since I can use it throughout the summer and it has held up through a lot of use.

Hillary Devan

Cool Cotton Top Layer

The top layer of your blanket will be a high-quality cotton chambray, designed to balance softness, strength, and breathability. This top layer is engineered to keep the blanket light, giving you a cool sleep throughout the night even in the warm summer months so you are not overheated in order to achieve your perfect weight. 

Fluffy Flannel Bottom Layer

The bottom layer of your blanket will be a plush cotton flannel for a soft, cuddly surface. This fabric is cozy enough to make you want to wrap yourself up in the blanket, but light enough that your will not be sweating by having it covering you all night.

Where's the Weight?

Your blanket will be filled with tiny micro-beads, hardly larger than a grain of sugar. Combined with a soft polyester filling you will be able to have weight without bulk. The beads are barely noticeable when mixed with the filling, providing sensory input without the discomfort of hard plastic pellets found in other blankets.

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